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Personal Training

$40/hr = 60 minute session
$440 = 12 Sessions

$1,020 = 30 Sessions



Training - By Appointment



Joel Witmer
Personal Trainer





NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Natural Bodybuilder


Personal Training


Like the tortoise, my training philosophy is "Slow and steady wins the race," but if you desire explosive speed, we can work on that, too!


Specializing in building muscle and burning fat, enhancing mind-muscle connections to target specific groups from different angles and begin to effect total body transformation, gradual strength progression, and implementing a growing array of body hacks and nutrition tips, I seek to refine as well as expand my knowledge, embracing a creative, personalized, time-efficient approach that rejects whatever doesn't work.


My experience also includes track and field-specific training and plyometric movements with an emphasis on vertical leap enhancement.


More about me: Some people have called me a "gentle giant". I am a friendly, wise-cracking introvert (though rather diminutive for a giant). I also know how to focus my efforts and energies, to push through barriers with furious, laser-like intensity.


This intensity defines my approach toward learning. I will continue to study the work of experts in my field and learn from observing others in the gym. I love to add new movements and strategies to my arsenal, and it is my goal to help generate (and evolve toward) the best possible solutions for each client!


In our free consultation, we will map out your goals and begin to develop an action plan to get you there. In this initial conversation, we will also determine our compatibility and rapport before proceeding any further. No risk!


As we get to know each other, I will do my best to complement you, to encourage you, to push you, to provide on my end what you need to get the most out of your training and be your best.


If you see me at Optimal Self, please say HEY or email me.

"Though I've just started there, I really like this place. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and it does seem like a community, which is awesome. The owners seem to be there most of the time."   |  Catherine

"I surprised myself last year. I found that I enjoy going to the gym, I enjoy being fit, capable, and strong. I am convinced now of the importance of building strength in our bodies. I feel, actually, totally transformed."   |  Sally

"I've worked with four other trainers in my life, and no one compares to Eric! He gently pushes me in the best way possible to have a great well-rounded workout. It's never about him, it's about empowering me."   |  Lauren



yoga, gym, portland, congress




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